about me
about me
Heike Freiwald

Most former institutionalized children are too ashamed to talk about their past or upbringing. When I was young I always did not dare to speak about the time in my life when I was a so called “girl with a past” the time I had become Number 830, the time I was stripped of my self confidence.

By looking back I am proud of my accomplishments in life due to my strength and willpower generated by the memory to my grandfather. He was the person I looked up to as a child, my hero, who always had provided freely the needed balance during my childhood and later hardship in life …

Shortly after I was released from the Reformatory I married and had two children, two boys. I managed to become accepted at an art academy after taking the two day test for gifted person, studying design. Later on I managed an Art-Folk gallery in Berlin, selecting artists from around Europe, to exhibit their art work and contracted performing musicians.

I believe there is no need to detail my past, just let me point out the most important happenings.

Moved to Ibiza, Spain with my sons where we stayed for a year, selling my handcrafted one of a kind fashion design for women at the hippie marked, plus cut bell peppers filled with tomato juice for refreshments.

In 1978 I immigrated to the United States with my boys, got sponsored by a former senator and received our green cards. I enrolled for Introduction to Building Construction at M … State Tech. Opened my own Boutique, designed and crafted one of a kind women fashion.

Several years later we moved to California together with my boyfriend who later became my husband. I was able to sell my designs to various Fashion Boutiques and got involved with my husband’s employment at a company for computer distributions.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall I helped to set up the companies business connection with Europe and to start their International Department.

Within a period of several years we set up subsidiaries around the world, and thanks to the CEO of the company I was encouraged to accompany my husband. Whenever there was time I spent at the family farm, the environment of natural beauty made me feel free and thankful for all experiences of my sad, restless yet exciting life.

Heike Freiwald